What Are the Major Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf?

After a long week, relaxing in a beautiful, lush backyard oasis sounds lovely. But for most homeowners, maintaining a photo-ready lawn is anything but relaxing. The hours of mowing, fertilizing, aerating, and weeding leave little time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

Installing artificial grass is the perfect solution to transform your yard into a relaxing retreat without the back-breaking maintenance. Keep reading to know about the many benefits of artificial turf installation. 

Low-Maintenance lifestyle 

The homeowner spends hours and hours mowing, fertilizing, and caring for their lawn. By installing artificial turf, you can regain hours upon hours of free time to spend exactly how you want. Quick weekly upkeep, like removing debris and fluffing high-traffic areas, is all it takes to keep your new lush lawn perfectly neat and camera-ready. 

Pet and Kid Approved 

Muddy paws and grass stains are no match for durable artificial grass. The permeable backing allows liquid to drain through quickly, leaving the surface clean, dry, and mud-free. Active kids and pets can run and play carefree without tracking messy mud or ruining their clothes. The antimicrobial properties of the turf materials also prevent bacteria and odors from building up. 

Stunning Curb Appeal and Home Value 

While natural grass turns brown and patchy, artificial turf stays emerald, green year-round no matter the season or weather conditions. The uniform colour and texture vastly improve curb appeal. Home buyers seem to be willing to pay up to 10% more for a home with exceptional landscaping. 

Eco-Friendly Alternative 

The average lawn requires over 22,000 gallons of water per year. Installing synthetic turf virtually reduces water usage. Without the need for toxic pesticides and fertilizers, artificial grass also helps prevent chemical runoff pollution. By switching, you lessen your carbon footprint, preserve wildlife, and use less water. 

Long-Lasting Durability 

You can expect your artificial grass to last over 20 years with proper care and maintenance. The turf materials and construction are highly durable and resistant to heavy foot traffic, extreme weather, UV rays, and wear and tear. Unlike natural grass, the synthetic blades retain their vibrant green color year after year. 

Weed and Pest Resistance 

Artificial grass saves you from annoying weeds, grubs, ants, and other lawn pests. The protective backing blocks sun and moisture to inhibit weed growth. Lacking an organic base for food and shelter, the majority of burrowing insects and pests avoid synthetic lawns.  

Customizable Applications 

Beyond creating stunning lawns, artificial turf works beautifully for landscaping paths and slopes, dog runs, putting greens, playgrounds, patio and pool surrounds, and more. The versatile product also functions wonderfully as a ground cover indoors and out. Customizable infill materials modify the grass to your specific needs and uses. 

Cost Savings

Artificial grass needs an initial investment that will pay off in the future. When considering the expenses related to regular lawn care, equipment, water usage, and replacement sod, synthetic turf provides substantial long-term savings. Its low maintenance and hassle-free nature also provide you with personal time.  

Before you spend one more hot weekend hunched over a lawn mower, consider making the switch to refreshing, lush artificial turf. Get your free time back while enjoying a perfectly maintained lawn and landscape free from maintenance woes. Artificial turf installation can change the environment and feel of your home.