How Long Does Synthetic Turf Last?

If you’re considering making the switch from natural grass to synthetic turf for your Calabasas, CA, home, you’re probably wondering – how long does artificial grass actually last? While replacing a worn out natural lawn every year or two is the norm, synthetic turf provides much greater longevity when properly installed and maintained.

Warranty and Average Lifespan

Most quality artificial turf products from leading manufacturers come with warranties extending up to 15 years or more. However, the true lifespan can vary considerably depending on factors like the climate, foot traffic, maintenance routine and turf pile height. On average, synthetic turf in Calabasas can last 20 years or longer with the right care.

Factors Affecting Longevity

UV Exposure

In the warm, sunny climate of Southern California, UV degradation is a key factor affecting artificial turf longevity. Heat and sunlight will cause fibers to become brittle and fade over many years of exposure. Top synthetic turf products use UV inhibitors and stabilizers within the fibers to maximize resistance. Darker turf colors like olive or brown can also help conceal fading for a longer period of time.

Maintenance Routine 

Synthetic turf does require some minimal routine maintenance to preserve its fresh appearance and extend its usable lifetime. Static electricity can cause fibers to become matted, so an occasional raking and proper grooming tool can help restore the crisp, upright blade structure. A leaf blower or stiff broom can also be used to clear away dust and debris buildup.

While rain does help rinse away dirt, artificial grass still benefits from an occasional cleaning with a garden hose or a gentle spray from a pressure washer. Turf deodorizers and disinfectants can neutralize pet odors if needed. Hotter summer temperatures may also require lightweight sanitization with a diluted bleach solution to stop bacteria growth in high foot traffic areas.

Foot Traffic

Foot traffic is another major consideration. With its excellent drainage capabilities, synthetic turf can withstand much more consistent use than live grass without becoming muddy or rutted. However, you’ll want to vary your walking patterns over the lawn to avoid excessive wear from concentrating steps in the same area. Higher density turf and routine aeration can help boost resilience.

Installation Quality

Installing synthetic turf over a cracked or uneven surface will also accelerate breakdown. A proper crushed stone base and weed barrier fabric underneath are a must for long term performance in Calabasas. Always use an experienced artificial turf installer to properly grade and calculate material amounts for your lawn dimensions.

The Right Choice for Calabasas Homes

With low maintenance, eco-friendly benefits and proven longevity, it’s no wonder that homeowners all across Calabasas, Woodland Hills, and the surrounding LA region are making the switch to artificial grass. Expect to get over 2 decades of enjoyment from your synthetic turf when cared for properly – freedom from constant yard work, no more muddy dog paws, and a lush, natural-looking landscape year-round.

When making this wise investment in your property, be sure to select high quality artificial turf materials, get expert installation and follow best practices for maintenance. A premier synthetic grass will pay rewards for an enduring, timeless look that stands the test of time. Ready to transform your outdoor oasis? Contact a local synthetic turf provider in Calabasas, CA, for a consultation today.