Can You Install Artificial Turf Directly on the Dirt?

Keeping a nice green lawn might look easy to some – just some mowing, watering, and fertilizing. But anyone who’s tried it knows better. It’s a never-ending cycle of work. An artificial turf lawn could be the perfect solution – a lush, green grass area with basically no maintenance required once installed properly. But can you really just install artificial turf right over the dirt in your yard? Let’s take a look.

Installing Turf Right on Dirt – The Short Answer

Yes, artificial turf can be installed directly on dirt. But you can’t just roll it out over the existing ground. That would lead to an uneven, bumpy, and weedy mess. For turf to look seamless and perform well over many years, the ground underneath needs some important preparation work first.

Imagine laying out a new area rug over a dirt floor – it would be lumpy, dusty, and shift around constantly. The same applies to turf over unprepared ground. A solid base is crucial under that grass for drainage, stability, and preventing weeds. With the right foundation laid first, turf directly on dirt can provide a perfect, low-maintenance lawn area.

How Experts Install Artificial Turf on Dirt

Installing artificial turf is a multi-step process when going over a dirt surface. But with the right experts, like Discount Landscape, it all becomes easy. Here are the basic steps:

First, we clear out any existing grass, plants, roots, and debris to get down to just the bare dirt. We use a sod cutter or tiller to start from scratch in the area.

Next, we level and compact the dirt ground firmly. For this, we use a lawn roller or plate compactor to flatten and solidify the whole area. This offers a solid foundation on which to build.

With the dirt smooth and compacted, we install a base layer of crushed gravel or rock. About 3-4 inches of this crushed material create a porous yet compact and level base. It allows proper drainage and blocks any new weeds from coming up.

Once the gravel base is in place, we go over it again with a plate compactor to make sure it’s absolutely solid and level. Every bump or dip needs to be flattened out.

At this stage, sometimes we also install an extra weed barrier fabric over the base for added protection against any remaining weeds.

Now we’re ready to unroll the artificial turf over the prepped base. We secure the turf edges, sewing them together and placing a burden on the grass.

Finally, we apply the infill material (usually rubber or sand granules) by spreading it over the turf and brushing it down into the blades. This helps weigh down the grass permanently. Then we give it a final brushing and it’s all set!

Doing it Right Matters

Yes, it’s much more work than putting artificial grass on the ground. But putting in the effort to create a well-draining, solid foundation makes all the difference. An unprepared base leads to issues like poor drainage, wrinkling and bumps in the turf, and weeds eventually growing through.

With the right crushed rock base installed first, the turf winds up smooth, flat, and stable. Drainage works as it should without creating puddles or soft areas. And that solid base blocks any existing weeds and stops new ones from popping up. When done right from the start, a flawless, maintenance-free lawn pays off for over a decade.

Install Turf the Right Way With Discount Landscape

Installing directly on dirt is possible, as long as the tight work is put in beforehand to create that crucial solid base layer underneath. It’s a bit of effort, but 100% worth it to wind up with a flawless, lush new low-maintenance lawn that makes your outdoor space perfect.

At Discount Landscape, we’re experts in smart artificial turf installation. We guide customers through every step of the process, from selecting the perfect turf material to preparing the proper underlayment and base. Our team handles all those crucial preparation and installation details to deliver a final product that looks and performs beautifully.

Ready to transform your yard into an ultra-low-maintenance showpiece? Reach out to Discount Landscape today to install artificial turf