5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Synthetic Turf

Many Chatsworth homeowners consider installing easy-care synthetic turf instead of high-maintenance grass yards. Synthetic lawns now look incredibly realistic while requiring almost no upkeep once properly installed. They also conserve water drastically compared to thirsty natural grass. 

If you find yourself curious about switching to synthetic turf, below are some common questions homeowners ask first when weighing pros and cons. 

  1. How Long Does Synthetic Turf Last in Chatsworth Climate?

Today’s best synthetic turf lasts 10-15 years with proper care before needing replacement. Quality synthetic grass made specifically to withstand California’s intense sun and heat conditions retains vibrant green hues without fading over time. 

Manufacturers test samples first through accelerated weathering, ensuring the turf withstands wear. Reputable Chatsworth installers only select turf proven across extreme conditions over decades, assuring long-term durability in local yards. 

  1. Does Synthetic Grass Look Realistic for Chatsworth Homes?

Artificial turf technology is constantly progressing at a rapid pace. Artificial blades now come in a variety of heights, with springy textures and curled shapes that make lawn replacements remarkably lifelike. When expertly installed by Chatsworth specialists, synthetic grass faithfully replicates lush, flourishing natural lawns, right down to the lush green hues and velvety texture beneath foot. Neighbors and friends will be pressing their palms against the turf to see if it is actually synthetic. 

  1. Is Synthetic Turf Considered Safe for Pets and Kids?

When choosing durable, high-quality products that are properly installed and allow drainage, synthetic lawns pose no health threats to pets or children playing. Unlike natural grass, reputable synthetic turf contains no toxic pesticides, fertilizers or lead. 

Manufacturing processes also incorporate antimicrobial substances to prevent bacterial colonization, even with moderate use. Ensure proper drainage below the turf base using porous crushed gravel and perforated piping so urine flushes out quickly after pets go potty. Then simply rinse the area with gentle detergents diluted in water and let it fully dry. 

  1. What’s Required to Keep Synthetic Turf Clean?

A major perk of quality synthetic turf includes very low maintenance once correctly installed by vetted Chatsworth specialists. Use a standard leaf blower monthly to lift off accumulated debris like leaves, dust or pollen so particles don’t compact. 

Occasionally rinse cleaner or pet urine residues using a standard garden hose on gentle settings. Avoid rubbing aggressively at stains. Let the turf dry completely before allowing it to be used again. Otherwise, synthetic lawns require none of the perpetual mowing, fertilizing, aerating, dethatching and irrigation natural sod demands for year-round health. 

  1. Who Should Install Synthetic Grass for Best Results?

Professional synthetic turf installation proves just as crucial as the materials selected for durability and realism. Always verify installers’ licensing, insurance paperwork and staff training before hiring. Request references from past clients to inspect previous Chatsworth jobs firsthand. 

Reputable contractors offer multi-year warranties against defects and significant fading. They also ensure proper site preparation and drainage so lawns shed rainfall and irrigation water, preventing flooding or mushy soil. Partnering with experienced Chatsworth turf crews translates to stunning synthetic grass results lasting for years ahead. 

Address these common considerations upfront before investing in lush, ultra-low maintenance synthetic turf for your Chatsworth property. Prepare yourself with reasonable deadlines, expected costs, and upkeep that is specific to Chatsworth installations. After that, relish your lush new gathering area that offers backyard entertainment without the constant hassles of maintaining the lawn.